To engage and empower people through education in collaboration with our members and partners worldwide
— The Mission of FEE

Our work

We believe in the power of change and that the best gift we can give to future generations, the most valuable legacy we can leave behind us, is to empower students to be leaders for sustainability and positive change, by enhancing global education.

Our educational programmes, Eco-Schools, LEAF and Young Reporters for the Environment, use a solution-based approach to empower young people to create a more environmentally conscious world. Our Green Key and Blue Flag initiatives are known across the world for their promotion of sustainable business practices and the protection of our valuable natural resources. 

With members in 77 countries we are the world’s largest environmental education organisation and through our five programmes we strive to make a difference every day. Recognised by UNESCO and UNEP as a world-leader within the fields of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development, our strength comes from our members who share our conviction and execute our programmes on a daily basis.

Educational Principles 

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