January Board of Directors Meeting in Warsaw, Poland

The FEE Board of Directors met for the first time in 2018 on 26 January at the Radisson Blu Sobieski hotel in Warsaw, Poland. 

During the meeting, the Board of Directors approved the 2018 financial budget and discussed general organisation business. They also approved ACODAL from Colombia for associate FEE membership. You can read more about ACODAL and Biosfera 1, the other newest FEE member organisation, here.

One of the most interesting topics up for discussion was the continuing effort to trademark the FEE programmes. In 2017, the Board of Directors decided that FEE would begin the process of trademarking its programmes. At the time of the January meeting, trademark licensing within all European Union countries had been finalized for the Foundation for Environmental Education, Green Key, Blue Flag, and Eco-Schools brands. The next step will be to apply for trademark licensing in countries that fall under the jurisdiction of the Madrid Convention. The Board expects that the first portion of these trademark applications will have been approved by the time of the FEE general assembly in September. 

After the meeting, the rest of the day was dedicated to a strategic workshop outlining the short and long term goals that FEE should focus on as it continues to grow and develop into the future. 

That evening, the Board of Directors was treated to a tour of Warsaw, including a stop at the "Charm of the PRL" Museum to learn about what life was like during the time of the Polish People's Republic. 

The next Board of Directors meeting will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on 12-13 April.