FEE President Lesley Jones visits Romania for annual conference

A message from FEE President Lesley Jones:

One of the most enjoyable and important aspects of my role is to support our members, through attending meetings and events.  I was therefore delighted to visit our member in Romania, CCDG (Centrul Carpato-Danubian de Geoecologie) to participate in the annual conference and awards ceremony they have been holding for the last 20 years.  This year’s theme was ‘Cultivating national values in Environmental Education’.

The conference was attended by over a hundred teachers and supporters from all over the country.  I shared with the audience some of the exciting developments in FEE and reminded them of the important role they play as part of a growing international family.

It was a special year for the CCDG event as they were also celebrating 100 years since the unification of Romania as a single country.  The room was full of people dressed in beautiful traditional dress to recognise this historic milestone.  I was thrilled to be presented with my very own traditional blouse during the event.

Whilst I was in Bucharest, I was taken on a tour of this very interesting city.  Thank you to Razvan, Manager at CCDG for being an excellent tour guide.