REPORT FROM EnE17, BELGRADE, SERBIA - Incentive professionals and young people

The 13th Regional Conference ‘’Environment to Europe - EnE17’’ was held on June 5, 2017 in Belgrade (Serbia) to address issues related to Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development. Traditionally, this Conference has been organized by the professional association “Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development” and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia. The Conference was UN WED event and a ESDW (European Sustainable Development Week) event. A Panel on Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development was also held as the part of the Conference. The Panel was attended by top local and foreign experts in the field of education, climate change and the environment.

The Conference participants (about 100 registered participants) agreed the following: education on climate changes is very important in order to be able to mitigate the consequences of climate changes and to adapt to them. Key role should have educational institutions to prepare and implement multidisciplinary programs tailored to different educational institutions and different age categories. Education on climate change requires professionals who will work with young people, to be prepared to make the right decisions in the future. Discussion was directed to try to provide answers on questions how to be more effective in environmental protection and responsive to nature.

During the special part of the Conference, awarded ceremony for the best Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE), was performed. They took part in the national competition, "Save resources, do not throw, recycle!" The competition is organized in the framework of the International Young Reporters for the Environment, implemented in Serbia by a professional association “Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development” and supported by RECAN Foundation. The awards have been given by Mrs Aleksandra Mladenovic, President of the Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development, Ms. Milena Tabasevic, coordinator of the Young Reporters for the Environment in Serbia and Mrs. Jelena Kis, manager of the RECAN Foundation for recycling beverage cans.

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