FEE at COP23 in Bonn, Germany

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is pleased to announce its partnership agreement with the UN Climate Change for the participation of YRE students at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), taking place in Boon, Germany from 6-17 November.

The partnership aims at promoting the implementation of climate action, as well as the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

During COP23, the Foundation for Environmental Education will host a mini event at the UNESCO Pavilion at 10:00 on Thursday 16 November.


Title: Climate Education - how far are we?

The importance of Climate Education is undeniable. Changing people’s perception and behaviour through education is the way to create long-lasting positive impact. Guest speakers showcase their achievements and allow the audience to learn how Climate Education influences people and think about how we can improve.

Guest speakers

1)      Kenza Khallafi – The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection

2)      Allison Gacad – Student, Young Reporters for the Environment, FEE

3)      Charles Hopkins – UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability, York University

4)      Libby Giles – Global Citizenship Education Director


One of the five FEE programmes, Young Reporters for the Environment, has selected four young reporters to represent the programme at COP23. They will be reporting about the conference from the perspective of youth. More information can be found here: http://www.yre.global/stories-news/2017/11/7/young-reporters-at-the-cop-23