Board of Directors’ Meeting in Utrecht, Netherlands

The FEE Board of Directors meets four times every year and is in charge of the overall political management of FEE. This time the Board of Directors’ meeting took place on 13 October and was hosted by FEE’s Dutch members at the Green Key and Blue Flag Headquarters in Utrecht, Netherlands.

On this occasion, the Board of Directors stayed at a Green Key awarded hotel, NH Center Utrecht, right in the centre of the city.  The board used bicycles, a sustainable transport method, to travel to all meetings and events they attended, thereby experiencing the famous Dutch biking culture. Utrecht is one of the most bike-friendly places in one of the most bike-friendly countries in the world. Even the Dutch prime minister was seen arriving at the King’s castle on a bike.

During the meeting, the FEE Financial Standing Orders & Regulations, as well as the Risk Management strategy were approved by the Board of Directors.

On 14 October, the full day was dedicated to a FEE strategy workshop, aiming at initiating a strategic discussion across FEE’s organisations and stakeholders by capturing board members’ perspectives and insights on strategy, long-term goals, and areas requiring strengthening or development. The external facilitator, Noam Gressel Ph.D., came from Israel to guide the Board of Directors through this workshop.

The next FEE Board of Directors’ meeting will take place in January.