FEE Contributed to Education for Sustainable Development in Bogotá

With the goal of contributing to the development of an environmental culture in educational activity and generating environmentally responsible behaviour in institutions for students and teachers, the educational centres: Gimnasio Moderno, Gimnasio Femenino and Colegio Los Nogales organised the II Meeting of Education for Sustainability on 4 November, 2016, at the Centro Cultural of the Gimnasio Moderno School in Bogotá, Colombia.

Public and private schools that are currently working on Education for Sustainability Projects participated in the meeting. Many national and international guests also attended. Janeira Duran, National Operator for Eco­-Schools in the Dominican Republic, represented Foundation for Environmental Education and held a presentation about the Eco-Schools programme and network.

Numerous topics, including schools’ environmental projects, collaborative networks, and cultural and creative industries in education for sustainability were addressed and discussed at the meeting.

Janeira Duran’s participation and presentation of the development of the Eco-Schools programme at a global level, was of great interest and motivation to all participants, as was her introduction to FEE, its programmes, initiatives and methodologies.  All agreed that the implementation of the programme would be a great contribution to the strengthening of environmental education in Colombia.

At the request of the organisers, Janeira visited Gimnasio Moderno, Gimnasio Femenino and Los Nogales School with the aim of inspiring and motivating.  She held workshops which explained strategies to educators of different subjects, so that they can develop and implement pedagogical practices that contribute to the formation of values, knowledge, skills and competencies for sustainability – all from the Eco-Schools programme methodology.

In the visits made to the schools, it was possible to learn more about and appreciate the excellent initiatives implemented in topics such as: water saving, healthy eating, recycling, biodiversity, school garden development, and others.