The more the merrier - New members joining FEE

As of November 2015, Colombia, Switzerland and South Korea are on board!

Colombia’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, whose mission is to support the entrepreneurial activity aimed at the production of goods, services and technology, as well as the touristic management of the country’s regions, is now an Affiliate Member, with the implementation of the Blue Flag programme. 

The Blue Flag programme will also be implemented in South Korea, under the Associate Membership of the Lifesaving Society Korea. The main objectives of the organisation are drowning prevention activities (public education, research, training, etc.), forming working groups to promote drowning prevention in South Korea and worldwide, to foster lifesaving sports, contribute international lifesaving movement, set lifesaving and lifeguarding standard in South Korea, and other drowning prevention related business.

 In Switzerland, the Association J’aime ma Planète, a non-profit organisation that is committed to protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable development, will be implementing the Eco-Schools programme. 

 You can find more information about the organisations in their respective websites:

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Colombia:

Lifesaving Society Korea:

Association J’aime ma Planète: