How the campaign works?


Schools from each country are invited to participate in this global campaign that will help educate students on Climate Change Risk Reduction and Resilience Education. Each of the action taken by schools with include a fundraising component for helping the rebuilding of Eco-Schools in the Bahamas.

School Activities

Schools can design their own campaign as individual schools, group of schools or national campaign run by National Operators.

Examples of fundraising actions:

  • Litter clean-up activities with collecting money to support schools in the Bahamas

  • Auction of students or local products e.g. during the Christmas event or other action

  • Sport race connected to fundraising activities

  • Organise a charity event e.g. conference, exhibition on Climate Change topic and invite external partners to donate money

  • Organise a Global Action Day activity with fundraising part

  • Recycling activity that will collect money for the donation

Plan of action

  • Implementation of the campaign will be led by students

  • Organise a Global Action Day 2020 that will focus on Climate Change Risk Reduction and Resilience Education.

  • Each school is asked to share a minimum of 1- short case study from activities running by their school, including at minimum 1 photo.

  • Stories can present different aspects of activities e.g. planning actions, showcase some activities or Global Acton Days or final results of the campaign.

  • YRE students can organise a media campaign raising awareness on climate change impact and report on activities organised in school in relation to support schools in the Bahamas.

Campaign Timeline

November 2019
Launch of the campaign

October 2019 – April 2020
Implementation within schools of educational and funding activities

Global Action Days - April 2020
Action days for climate resilience information and raising funds for Bahamas

May - December 2020
Continuation of the theme in Eco-Schools network and implementation of improvements in schools in Bahamas

December 2020
Evaluation of schools donations and how the money has been spent