Children for Children Campaign

Foundation for Environmental Education has launched a new campaign to support and show solidarity to our own Eco-Schools Network

Watch the video made from our Bahamas member BREEF about the impact of hurricane Dorian

Watch the video made from our Bahamas member BREEF about the impact of hurricane Dorian


The recent hurricane Dorian has severely affected the Bahamas. There are reports of widespread destruction and casualties. It is estimated 70,000 people have been impacted, amongst them more than 18,000 children. Twelve Eco-Schools were destroyed and some of the teachers lost their lives. As the vulnerability of communities increases across the world, we need more efforts to reduce vulnerability, manage the impact along with mitigating risks.

This has convinced us to launch Children for Children campaign that will not only support the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the schools in the Bahamas but will also educate for disaster risk reduction amongst vulnerable communities

FEE President Lesley Jones

FEE through its programmes have been supporting global efforts to educate children, youth and adults to increase awareness, shift mindsets and behaviour to mitigate climate change and the ever-growing frequency of natural disasters. As a global network, FEE is in a position to mobilise support for rehabilitation particularly within the educational infrastructure.

The overall goal is to raise awareness on impacts of Climate Change and the increasing vulnerabilities to disasters and resources in cash for rebuilding the damaged Eco-Schools infrastructure in the Bahamas

CEO of FEE Daniel Schaffer